I have a problem while generating PDF reports, my report shows a table with the employee's information, but the issue is that the report splits between employees, in other words, some of the information is displayed in one page and the rest in the next one for the same employee. I'm using Viisual Studio 2003, ASP.NET 1.1, C# , ABCDPDF 5.0, and XSLT and I was thinking was that there might be a way to identify when the last node will not fit in the page then do a page break. I can't use counter of nodes to do it because the nodes may vary in size for each employee. I also found out about XSL FO, but how could I implement it without changing the current XSLT file? because there are several xsl:for each statements in it that get the value from the code behing page.

Please any suggestions?