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    I reading all this stuff about XML and still dont know what it can be used for. Can XML be used in Web page development? How? Has anybody done it already?

    Where in web page development can XML be better than older technologies?

    I'm reading this articles and everytime I read one I get more clueless? Can anybody give me a straight answer?

    Thanks, Blaz
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    straight answer:
    xml is good for DESCRIBING informatioin, not for presenting it. Even more than that, you cannot present info with xml only (well you could, but it wont be in very readable format). So if you have some mess you need to be able to describe with few trags - xml is your thing. Look how easy that would be to describe library inventory:

    <title>awesome adventures of me</title>
    thats is just an awesome book about my awesome adventures, everybody has to read it!!! its a must!!!

    so just by adding one more <book></book> you can easily increase your info by n # of books. Then simply use some sort of xml parser (whether it is js or php) for outputing info in the way you want. Here come another advantage: you can easily change designed withough even touching the cores of information.
    Plus xml is platform independent, so... uh later about that

    Of course it doesn't mean you have to use xml everywhere, its just one more tool which is nice to know.
    And you know I mean that.
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    you can use xml to build web sites but it's not meant for building pages.

    it's a mean to organize data.
    I gave an example in my previous post, find it and read it, you may understand it better.

    but the truth is, most of the time you can do things without xml. I use xml to make things more clean and also to present the data to others.

    but then again, the best way to understant what xml is for and what it can do for you is to read a book.

    take care.

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