Ok, let me give some insight on the app first.

The application is being built with all the chrome/gui installed locally, on the client machine with a new installation of Gecko (Mozilla). The application is a front-end to a CMS system - approx. 90% of the content files are dynamically generated on the remote system (web server), and generated with PHP. The problem that I am currently having is that after the XUL files are generated for the first time and displayed within the chrome, the files are cached on the clients machine, causing the same files to be shown the next time the GUI is fired up. My question is ->

1) Is there a setting within the gecko/mozilla source that I can manually turn off to prevent the client side caching?
2) If there is no setting as mentioned above, is there a javascript onload() refresh function that can be used to bypass the cache of the client machine and load the new content straight from the server?