Hello! I am working on the calendar of events using xml and xslt. I need to create a calendar control that defaults to the current month, but other months can be also selected. Then, based on whether there are events corresponding to a certain date, make the date on that calendar linkable to the detail page for the events. I am not sure how to draw the control on the sceen or interact with user through xslt. I know it CAN be done but I'm completely lost as to where to begin.

I don't want to use any Javascript. I've SCOURED the web for answers, tips, and assistance and the BEST I can find is a lot of 5 year old links to an XSLT calendar shell written by Dimitre Novatchev that is no longer available. (Side note : maybe I'll check the web archives. Until then I could still use some help!)

I already have the XML input for the events from an RSS feed... I have a small XSL file I've written that displays the events in a list format, but I need a single-month calendar format that I can then stylize in CSS.

ANY starting point for me would be GREATLY appreciated... Thank you!