Using xerces to dom parse the xml output from lshw on suse.

I am trying to parse the dvd-ram capability for the cdrom device.

I have the cdrom "node" line as an element:

<node id="cdrom" claimed="true" class="disk" handle="SCSI:02:00:00:00">

and within the node there are the capabilities:

<capability id="removable" >support is removable</capability>
<capability id="audio" >Audio CD playback</capability>
<capability id="cd-r" >CD-R burning</capability>
<capability id="cd-rw" >CD-RW burning</capability>
<capability id="dvd" >DVD playback</capability>
<capability id="dvd-r" >DVD-R burning</capability>
<capability id="dvd-ram" >DVD-RAM burning</capability>

so basically I do:

NodeList nl = element.getElementsByTagName("capability");

Then I loop thru the nodelist, I can find the capability where id="dvd-ram" but I can't seem to get the node value of "DVD-RAM burning", its null:

for (int i=0;i<nl.getLength();i++) {
el = (Element)nl.item(i);
if (el.getAttribute("id").equals("dvd-ram)) {
textVal = el.getNodeValue();