I am developing some SEO tools and am using importXML and Xpath queries to pull the information I want.

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Where B1 is the URL of the page I am analyzing. The final solution will be to pull specific data for multiple records returned from another function.

I am looking at URLs like

and I want to pull the following data from the code via import XML using the Xpath query. I am having trouble with getting the syntax right for Xpath.

I would like to get the IP address, country, city and network.

	<div id="ssTab-ipAddress" class="float-row display-input">
		<div class="add-to-my-whois" title="Add to My Whois" style="display:none;"><span onclick="addMyWhoisContent('ssTab-ipAddress','IP Address');"></span></div>
		<div class="form-label field-label wide-20"><span>IP Address:</span></div>
		<div class="form-field wide-80 normal">
	        <a class="left-pad-none bold" href="http://whois.domaintools.com/"></a>
	        <a class="left-pad-none horiz-marg-10" href="http://www.domaintools.com/research/reverse-ip/?hostname=">Reverse-IP</a> |
	        <a class="left-pad-none horiz-marg-10" href="http://www.domaintools.com/research/ping/?query=">Ping</a> |
	        <a class="left-pad-none horiz-marg-10" href="http://www.domaintools.com/research/dns/?query=">DNS Lookup</a> |
	        <a class="left-pad-none horiz-marg-10" href="http://www.domaintools.com/research/traceroute/?query=">Traceroute</a>

			<div id="ssTab-ipLocation" class="float-row display-input">
			<div class="add-to-my-whois" title="Add to My Whois" style="display:none;"><span onclick="addMyWhoisContent('ssTab-ipLocation','IP Location');"></span></div>
			<div class="form-label field-label wide-20"><span>IP Location:</span></div>
			<div class="form-field wide-80">
		        <img src="/images/flags/us.gif" alt="United States" height="12" width="18">
		        - Washington		        - Woodinville		        - Peer 1 Dedicated Hosting			</div>
I can see that the IP address is in an A element with the class "left-pad-none bold" and the country is in an IMG element within a DIV with the class "form-field wide-80" with the ALT text being the country name. Then the text immediately after that gives the city and then the network name of the hosting platform.

I am struggling to get the right syntax for the Xpath query. I have some XPath queries that work in my Import XML but I am really struggling to pull this data.

Any help is appreciated.