I just started learning XML to be able to set up custom UI within Starcraft 2 custom maps. Within Starcraft 2 there is an Objective Panel which is at the Top Left by default and I want to move it to the Mid Right. For whatever reason it's not moving even though the code seems correct. I've moved other frames of the default UI without issue. I know it being within Starcraft 2 there could other reasons it won't move, but I thought I throw this up just to see if anyone could help as I haven't been able to receive any help from SC2Mapster.com.

Here's one of the frames from the UI that I moved and it worked.
<Frame type="InfoPanel" name="GameUI/UIContainer/ConsoleUIContainer/InfoPanel" file="GameUI">
<Anchor side="Left" relative="$parent/$parent" pos="Min" offset="15"/>
<Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$this" pos="Max" offset="0"/>
<Anchor side="Right" relative="$this" pos="Max" offset="0"/>
<Anchor side="Top" relative="$parent/$parent" pos="Min" offset="40"/>
<Width val="550"/>
<Height val="199"/>

Here's the one that doesn't move.
<Frame type="ObjectivePanel" name="GameUI/UIContainer/ConsoleUIContainer/FullscreenUpperContainer/ObjectivePanel" file="GameUI">
<Anchor side="Left" relative="$this" pos="Min" offset="0"/>
<Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$this" pos="Max" offset="0"/>
<Anchor side="Top" relative="$parent/$parent" pos="Min" offset="45"/>
<Anchor side="Right" relative="$parent/$parent" pos="Max" offset="-50"/>