Hello all,

As part of a project, I need to develop a method of exporting data from my SQL server into an XML format. Now, I've been given a schema file to use which I have to comply with,along with all the documentation to explain the expected/required data elements, etc.

My question is, working back from the XSD file, are there tools that can help me automate the export of the data from SQL server tables/views into an XML file based on the schema document?

I've not worked with tools like XML Spy and such very much but I see those have SQL integration though it looks like more for building and mapping the schema, not so much exporting data to a schema.

I can write my own tool for this project and output the data compliant to the schema file, but I was curious if there are tools already built which can mitigate the need to create my own. I know there are ways in SQL server to load the schema and have results from queries follow the schema, but I wasn't sure if there was anything else. I may use that or it may be about as simple to write my own export utility to do this.

Anyway, thanks for any ideas.