Hi, every one, i new on XML and i'm traing this, i need to change a code that generate a line for print a label with bartender.

I have this code:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<transaction id='Standard'>
<label id='move_lab'>
<!-- <header id='header1'>
triger filename <header_field id='fileName'/> endof header
</header> -->
<header id='header1'>

%BTW% /AF=&quot;C:\b2bar\test\data\barcode_labels\FG\<field_list><field id='item'></field></field_list>\AA1121-P011AK\Move.btw&quot; /PRN=&quot;<header_field id='printer'/>&quot; /P /D=&quot;&lt;Trigger File Name&gt;&quot; /C=<header_field id='noOfLabels'/> /R=3


<field id="username"></field> <!-- Device Username --> <field id="orno"></field> <!-- Order Number -->
<field id="suffix"></field> <!-- Order Suffix -->
<field id="item"></field> <!-- Item -->
<field id="dsca"></field> <!-- description -->
<field id="stgu"></field> <!-- Unit Of Measure -->
<field id="ddta"></field> <!-- Date Manufactured -->
<field id="site"></field> <!-- Site -->
<field id="whse"></field> <!-- Warehouse -->
<field id="loca"></field> <!-- Location -->
<field id="serial"></field> <!-- Serial Number -->
<field id="box_no"></field> <!-- Box Number -->
<field id="qty"></field> <!-- Total Reported Quantity -->
<field id="lot"></field> <!-- Lot Number -->
<field id="quan"></field> <!-- Qty Per Box Number Added as per MSF176972-->


And generate next code:

%BTW% /AF="C:\b2bar\test\data\barcode_labels\\Move.btw" /PRN="\\AFXMX-SQL\ZT230-22-ML" /P /D="<Trigger File Name>" /C=2/R=3
AA1121-P011AK|infor|MOL0013726|0000|AA1121-P011AK|PF GRIP|EA|2132015|piloto|MAIN|FG||2 of 2|100||50.0

I want genertae in this way

%BTW% /AF="C:\b2bar\test\data\barcode_labels\AA1121-P011AK\Move.btw" /PRN="\\AFXMX-SQL\ZT230-22-ML" /P /D="<Trigger File Name>" /C=2/R=3
infor|MOL0013726|0000|AA1121-P011AK|PF GRIP|EA|2132015|piloto|MAIN|FG||2 of 2|100||50.0

When AA1121-P011AK need on path line and not blank space.

I hope some can help me, thanks in advance.


Hector Villarreal